OTUS is a synonym for a comfortable sleep, culinary delight.

EV–Point charging station installed

Since 2012 Hotel OTUS has a EV–Point charging station.

So, we wish to offer our customers the opportunity to charge their electric car during their meal or during the stay.

Hotel-Restaurant OTUS is therefore ready for the future!

More information can be found on the website of EV–point.

Design & Architecture

The building was designed in a way that to maximum usable volume was created with the smallest outdoor surface, to avoid losses of temperature.
Compact, so: few corners and sides!

Also, the building is devided into several temperature area’s and we choose materials, such as natural stones, with a high mass-inertia.

By taking this into account, we use the maximum use of passive solar–energy. This is the energy that the Sun (also during winter) infiltrates into your building.

With the knowledge that with good insulation everybody really does save on the energy bill, we opted for an optimal insulation.

We chose high performance glazing (the glass has an U-value of 1.1) and thermally broken profiles in aluminum.

The walls were equipped with 6 cm thick PU–plates. The insulation for the head roof is 15 cm thick and consists of mineral wool. In the floors we used 10cm insulating mortar.

The other hand of insulation is ventilation. The design office HVAC opted for a mechanical ventilation with 95% heat recovery and fans of a new, extremely economical generation. Room by room is warmed up in a fast and energy–efficient way and this only at the moment we need that heat.

The main line in the area of energy–efficient lighting is: to let daylight infiltrate as much as possible in all areas. We only use fixtures suitable for low–energy light bulbs, in combination with LED–lighting. The lights only jumps on there where needed.

Renewable energy sources

Even if we proceed economically, our demand for energy and electricity is significant. Therefore we choose proper production of renewable energy sources.

In collaboration with ‘Group SOLAR‘ a complete Sun power installation is provided for both electrical and thermal energy.

Solar Panels

By using photovoltaic panels (solar panels) we can generate ourselves electricity in an environmentally friendly way. On sunny days, our grid–connected system can deliver more than needed for our electricity consumption. At that moment electricity flows to the net.

We opted for using the entire southern–oriented roofvolume. As a result, almost half of the expected consumption in the hotel rooms may be compensated.

Solar Water Heater

We can create a great part of the warm water, on a simple and environmentally friendly way, by using the free solar heat with the installed solar water heaters. In the present case, the water will be heated between March and October to temperatures between 40° and 80°c. During the winter period it still achieves temperatures up to 40°c.

The used solar collector contains plain tap water that is heated by the sunlight.

Water–saving techniques & appliances

Saving Water is possible through simple techniques. We chose explicitly for water–saving faucets, toilets and shower heads, and for the use of rainwater for toilet flushing.

We opted for the use of recommended semi–hardened surfaces instead of fully paved. This means that we, instead of concrete or asphalt, opted for water–permeable pavers and dolomite.  In this way, the rainwater can infiltrate in the soil.